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**SMALL- $1200 | MEDIUM- $1400 | LARGE- $1600**

Hand wash & blow dry

Wheels cleaned & protected

Tires cleaned & conditioned

Decontamination wash & clay treatment to remove all surface contaminants 

Wheel wells cleaned & dressed

Polish exhaust tips

Light paint correction and polish which removes light swirls & creates high gloss

Application of Shine Supply's Beadlock Pro ceramic coating to all paintwork, trim, glass & wheels

Beadlock Pro ceramic coating creates a hard-sacrificial barrier which shields your paint from the sun & other harsh elements

Expect 3 years of protection from this service 

Thorough interior vacuum

Clean all door panels, seats, trim, gauges, buttons, console & dash

Interior & leather conditioned/protected

Spot clean carpets

Windows & door jambs cleaned

Air Freshener  

*Upgrade to 5+ year ceramic coating for an additional $500* 


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