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**SMALL- $800 | MEDIUM- $900 | LARGE- $1000**

Hand wash & blow dry

Wheels cleaned & protected

Tires cleaned & conditioned

Decontamination wash & clay treatment to remove all surface contaminants 

Wheel wells cleaned & dressed

Polish exhaust tips

One step paint enhancement to remove light swirls and defects, while creating high gloss and clarity in the paint

Application of Shine Supply's Relock Ceramic Coating to all paint, trim, glass & wheels

Relock Ceramic Coating provides a thin, hard sacrificial barrier on your vehicle's surfaces to shield against the sun and other harsh elements

Expect 1 year of protection from this service

Thorough interior vacuum

Clean all door panels, seats, trim, gauges, buttons, console & dash

Interior & leather conditioned/protected

Spot clean carpets

Windows & door jambs cleaned

Air Freshener    


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